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Fashion Tech Design was created as a space devoted to the learning of skills of everything fashion, particularly but not confined to drawing, technical drawings/flats, illustration and digital design. Today’s technology is changing at an exponential rate, this is evident in fashion as much if not more so than many other industry sectors. Whereas the key elements to any successful designer has not changed, namely - an eye for design, an individual aesthetic, an ability to convey this aesthetic in your chosen medium, personality, and the work ethic of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk’s love child - employers are increasingly looking for a multi skilled multi purpose designer. Gone are the days (if indeed they ever existed!) a ‘fashion designer’ designed beautiful garments on a page. Now - especially in high street retail - designers are expected to have extensive knowledge and skills in trend forecasting, admin, patterndrafting, pattern cutting, fabric and trim sourcing, liasing with garment manufacturers, garment assembly, technical drawing, Photoshop, and experience with digital print design would be preferential! The landscape of fashion is changing and changing quickly. Any skill, programme or technology that gives you an edge as a designer is now mandatory not optional

Fashion Tech Design aims to bridge the gap between formal learning and the working fashion design community. To provide a platform for knowledge and the sharing of knowledge. To build a community of designers and a go-to place when you need to find out how to vectorize a trim image to fit around a ridiculously wiggly hem and all in about 3 minutes because your client wants those technical drawings by 2.30pm and it’s alreay 2.27, even though they only sent you the email at 2pm..... Well maybe not always that exact thing but you get the point!

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Fashion Technical Drawing using Adobe Illustrator

Level: Beginner
Duration: 6 weeks, Tuesday Evenings November 8th - December 12th 6.00-9.00pm
Venue: New Horizons Ireland, 22-24 Strand St. Great, Dublin 1

Description: Suitable for complete beginners to those with some experience of Adobe Illustrator who want to refine their fashion technical drawing skills. This course runs for six consecutive Tuesday evenings, 6-9pm and covers the following basics of using Illustrator for fashion technical drawing:
- introduction to Adobe Illustrator and the different tools used for technical drawings/flats
- using a fashion croquis template
- creating a basic technical drawing of a t-shirt, tailored shirt, trousers and tailored jacket
- using basic effects to create beautiful stylised technical drawings
- creating a garment specifications sheet for your technical drawings

A fully comprehensive booklet containing everything taught in each class will be provided to each person.

Materials Required: It is preferable to bring your own laptop with Adobe Illustrator installed on it as ideally this is what you will be practising on inbetween classes and more comfortable using. You can download a free 30 day trial of Adobe Illustrator on the Adobe website. You will also need a mouse or drawing tablet and pen as a laptop trackpad is not suitable for the exercises used during the classes. A PC with Adobe Illustrator will be provided for each student for each class also.

Price: €300 - A limited number of early course tickets available
€350 - Regular course price

Fashion Technical Flat Drawing Illustration of Dress in Pencil Details
& Group Classes

Personal classes for using Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Technical Drawing are available for one/two people on a pay per hour basis. Group classes are also available for a workplace or business. For more information please contact

Weekend Classes

FashionTechDesign will be running an Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Technical Drawing weekend intensive course in January/February 2017. This course will cover the same material as the 6 week evening course but condensed into a weekend. To register your interest please contact

Online Classes

FashionTechDesign will be launching two online courses in January 2017 - Beginners Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Technical Drawing and Intermediate Adobe Illustraor for Fashion Technical Drawing. Each course will consist of online video tutorials to watch at your own pace along with downloadable exercises and e-support. To register your interest please email

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